Welcome to my portfolio website.

My name is Fredrick Bancan. Since December 2021, I have been employed as a Game/Software Developer at Limpid Logic, Australia. I have studied games programming for 4 years prior, including 2 years spent studying at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I started off with learning java and OpenGL for creating games similar to Minecraft, and then moved to C#, C++, Unity, and Unreal Engine during my college studies. I have always been most interested in mastering the deeper technical aspects of video game development and computer graphics.

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Location: Parramatta, Western Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Examples of my work

Magical Spell Masters

[Unity, C#, Perforce, Visual Studio]

Magical Spell Masters is a turn-based strategy game about spelling words to cast spells. Using a grid of magical runes, the player must spell out powerful words, combining elements to defeat dangerous foes across a series of battles.

I was in the team of developers who created Magical Spell Masters as part of our AIE video games development course. My role was as lead systems programmer. I created and implimented many systems including the rune grid, tooltips, enemy authoring, tutorial authoring, combat system, GUI handling, and other designer-friendly gameplay tuning tools.

Visit here to see our team's showcase page for more information:
Magical Spell Masters website:

Snow Globe Decor

My entry in the AIE December 2021 GameJam.

[C#, Unity, Git, Visual Studio]

After graduating, AIE hosted a 2-day GameJam with the theme "Festive". I decided to create a small, atmospheric Christmas decorating simulator. Developed by a two person team including myself and Tim Dodds.

I was responsible for implimenting a majority of the gameplay systems, including input, rope physics (for hanging decorations), and lighting optimizations. Additionally, I created the main level including all of the visual effects.

Try the game for yourself!

Direct link to the games' page:
View the gamejam submissions here:

C# OpenGL Game Engine

[C#, GLSL, OpenGL, OpenAL, Github, Visual Studio]

During my studies at AIE, I developed a game engine in c# to learn more about the technical aspects of 3D video games. Everything in the engine was coded from the ground up using OpenGL and OpenAL for graphics and audio, and custom made math libraries. Over the course of about a year, I learned about many fundemental game engine systems, and implimented them. This engine project also gave me a foundation to learn voxel rendering.

The game engine includes Profiling, 3D real-time physics, high-performance rendering with batching, post processing, particle system, modular GUI system with 2D rendering, font rendering, 3D positional audio system, and a real-time dynamic skybox with a day/night cycle.

You can view the Github repository, including commit history, here:

C++ Experience

[C++, Data Structures, Static Libraries, Github, Visual Studio]

C++, being a powerful coding language, was crucial for me to learn for video game development. During my studies at AIE, we were taught, using c++, the fundementals of data structues, sorting algorithms, Library creation, Hashing, AI for games, and Computer Graphics.

This includes the creation and implementation of Binary trees, Binary search, Double-linked lists, Inter-process communication, a small application/game with AI, and 3D Graphics with shaders.

For my library creation task, I chose to create a simplistic OpenGL-based 3D primitive rendering library. And for my 3D Graphics with Shaders task, I chose to demonstrate an emulation of old PlayStation 1 era graphics with dithering, vertex jitter, texture swim, vertex lighting, and proximity tesselation.

You can view a video of the PlayStation 1 graphics emulation here:
All of the source code and commit history for these projects can be found at my github: